Pass premium Opening on December 15th

The Pass Premium will be available on December 15th 2020. There will be the first registration for this edition 2021 of the Vélo Vert Festival. Only 100 lucky will be able to buy this precious pass.


What’s exactly the pass premium ?

It’s the opportunity to live the Vélo Vert Festival as a VIP. It means a lot of advantages during this event and the possibility to back home with many gifts. Like every year, pass premium members will receive some provisions from our partners, for a total value of 200€.

Besides the advantages, the pass premium will give you the possibility to meet the others members. You could join the group on Facebook : “Les Premium du Vélo Vert Festival



In lack of inspiration for a gift for the end of the year celebrations ?

Now you could offer this pass to a close family member. A gift card will be delivered directly at home, you could put it under the Christmas tree. Perfect to end the year on a high note. 

NB : The trial selection for the pass premium will be available from the 15th January.