The volunteer supervisor will manage a group of 5-10 volunteers.

These missions are important as they guarantee the smooth running of the Festival as well as the security of volunteers and participants.


Missions of the supervisor before the festival

Contact his/her group of volunteers 3 weeks before the event to ensure their availability and create a first link with them.

Attend the opening festival briefing to :

– Meet the volunteers,

– Get to know the on site rescue, first aid and help locations,

– Agree the organisation plan and meeting points with your volunteers,

– Pick up your « Organisation » t-shirts and badges.

Become a volunteer

Missions of the supervisor during the festival

Train the volunteers.

Check that they have the necessary material.

Check their availability, in advance for the next day as well as during the day.

(In case of absence or non response, contact the volunteer coordination centre).

Manage their breaks.

Anticipate and organise their tasks in function of activity peaks.

Retrieve the necessary material for your activities and check they are in good condition before distributing to volunteers.

Stay in contact with your volunteers in order to check their presence at their post, to manage any incidents and to check they leave their post at the end of their assigned hours.

Return the material at the end of the day.

Bring any incident to the attention of the volunteer coordination centre via the form « main courante ».

The commitments of the organiser towards the volunteer supervisor

Presentation of the role description.

Training for the position.

Providing all material needed in good functioning condition.

Reminder of security instructions, both general and specific to the post.  

Taking into account any incidents that are brought to their attention.